Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

Walk outside and take in that refreshing and crisp air. It finally feels like Fall! woohoo!
Today is a day to spend outside: take your dog for a long walk, go biking to a park with friends, read a book on a bench, etc.

Weather: Currently 70 degrees, low humidity, 8mph, high of 81 this afternoon.

Recommendations: Match a bright summery color with a fall color (turquoise and mustard orange? Burnt orange and bright purple?). Wear a light jacket and a mid length skirt. Now tuck in that skirt and wear a cute brown belt to separate those contrasting colors.  Today is the perfect day for a scarf!! Lately, I've been obsessed with watches so that is obviously a necessity too. If you have any jewelry that matches the bright color of the day, wear them; it'll accent your outfit perfectly.

Smile! (Pass it on.)

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