Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Blues

The dreadful Monday has arrived and the weather is in-sync perfectly-- dreary, muggy and dull.

      Tonight I'll be hosting my weekly "book club" where we talk about everything but books because it's more or less just an excuse to drink with my girl friends. The theme for last week was Mexican, so we drank Sangria (home-made!) and had MYO tacos. Tonight is Halloween themed-- costumes, candy, worm jello shots, Sam Adams Octoberfest, Halloween Cider, an iced pumpkin cooler, and spider cookies. [Thank you Pinterest for all the ideas].

Weather: 82 degrees feels like 86. 70% humidity (blehh), UV of 4 (not a good tanning day), cloudy and low wind gusts.

Recommendations: cropped jeans, bright colored shoes, a white tshirt and a big scarf with vibrant designs that the shoes match with. A simple but eloquent outfit where you'll stand out in a crowd but can wear just about anyway-- shopping, errands, work (depending on what you do...) or bummin' around the house and playing with your cat all day (your cat will notice the scarf, I swear!)

Don't forget: A smile is contagious.

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