Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One of Those Days

Yes it's going to be one of those dreary days in the "sunshine state." If only it were 60 degrees out, then I could snuggle up with a snuggy and a hot coco and study all day. Darn!

Weather: Currently 70 degrees, overcast, low win, UV of 1. Around 2PM it'll heat up to 80 with 8mph winds from the east. Tonight, a low of 64 degrees.

Tonight is skit night for UCF homecoming! Doors open at 6PM at the UCF Arena and the event begins at 7PM. It's always quite entertaining and oh heyy it's FREE! Get a group together and go! Go early and enjoy all the free tshirts and stuff.

Recommendations: Bring an umbrella just in case a little rain cloud decides to come out and play today. You know me, I vote bright and vibrants colors on a dreary day. Maybe go check out a boutique or thrift shop today and find some sweet deals on accessories and winter jackets/sweaters.

Any recommendations on where I can get some non-prescription glasses?

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