Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winter? Is that you??

Oh my was it a chilly one yesterday!! With clear skies and a bright sun, what a beautiful day in Florida! :)

Today will be about 10 degrees less throughout the day but just as beautiful. Time to pull out the boots! I recommend NOT stuffing away the summery clothes just yet though, who knows what kind of trick Florida is playing on us this time.

Weather: high 50s in the AM, high of 66 around 3pm, dropping down to 45 at night!! Sunny with mainly clear skies. Low winds. Low UV. No rain :)

It'll be a good night for hot cocoa and star gazing!

As you can tell, I love neutral colors and the "natural" look. As my friend Zoey put it, who works at G by Guess, she's very Black and White and I, who works at American Eagle, am very neutral with browns. So there, that's my style. I hope you like it!

For all you fellow Knights, check out Natura! It's a coffee, tea and hookah lounge across from UCF (next to CB&S.. the first one). A very hipster theme, wicked chill, improv comedy and local bands every night. Boba teas and beer as well!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

slacker status!

Soo sorry that it has been nearly a whole week since I've posted last! Get out and enjoy this day as it is absolutely beautiful out! Since final exams begin next week, you may as well start prepping today!

Weather: Currently 80 degrees, UV of 3, low humidity, dropping down to a warm 68 degrees around dinner time.

I wonder... when will it finally feel like WINTER? I got some gorgeous new boots from Rack Room Shoes for only $25! I've been searching for two years now for the perfect pair and I got them!!

I hope everybody had a fun Black Friday!! I was working retail at American Eagle sooo my legs gave out long before I could do my own shopping but hey that's okay! I helped many awesome customers find the perfect gifts for family and friends. Tis the season for giving!

#livetogivelovetoget at American Eagle :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

The countdown begins!!

4 days until Turkey Day! 5 days until 'Green' Friday!!! I had my legit first shift today at American Eagle! Holy cow, what a thrill! So much new information. Good music. Fun customers. Loved it! And yes I was nervous as crap. See you at 4:30AM on Friday... #blowmymind.

Weather for today: So the morning is going to be in the low 60s and spiking up to the low 80s around noon. Should be a bit foggy in the AM then clearing up later on. Dropping down to 65 tomorrow night.

aka have your boots and your bathingsuit on you at all times because who knows what curveball Florida will actually throw at you. Or shorts and a sweater/top!

Black Friday sneak-peak:
  • 40% off the entire store at AE Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
  • I'm not positive, but I think the new Toys R Us on Alafaya is opening on Black Friday..(and hopefully the Bahama Breeze will too)
  • For major department stores, click here to preview the ads
*Know of any other Super Jew Friday sales?? Pass on the word!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cloudy Day = Productivity!!

Perfect day for catching up on chores, going for a walk, or SHOPPING!

Weather: Cloudy. Mid-high 70s. Muggy. Low wind. Hopefully the sun will break through this afternoon (no promises!). Tonight will drop down to high 60s.

Breaking Dawn came out yesterday! Part one of course. I totally recommend all to see it! The effects improved soo much (thank goodness they took some advice from Harry Potter...) And yes there was a 'semi' sex scene. More comical than anything. The previews for the Hunting Games played last night too and holy cow it looks amazing. If you haven't read the book, then I strongly recommend it!

Make this weekend memorable :D

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Wish...

So it's November 16th and it's WHAHTTTTT??? Mid 80's all week? Florida... what the heck.

Weather: Currently 80 degrees, partially cloudy, high humidity, UV of 1, 10mph from the south (muggy), high of 82 at 2PM, dropping down to 72 at 10PM.

Today I wish I could be wearing my sweet new fall clothes from American Eagle but nooo Florida has to go all "summery" on us again. So hey, embrace it!! Because we'll be missing this in January!

Shopping Tips:
  • 40% all sale items at AE in Waterford! Check it out!
  • $12 belts and 75% off select jewelry at Francescas
  • Victoria's Secret has changed the undie prices!! It's now 5 for $26. Lame.
Recommendations: Something light to fight against the humidity with. It's one of those days where shorts and a layerd blouse works perfectly!!

One of these days, I'll get around to taking pictures of my fellow fashionable knights!

"You're never fully dressed without a smile" #Annie

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Decisions, decisions

Oh what a beautiful day! If you're not headed to the beach or on roadtrip with friends, you better be at the Orlando Calling Festival. There are around 35 bands playing both today and tomorrow-- such as OAR, the Killers, the Roots, and Kid Rock.

Weather: High of 74, 10mph gusts, UV of 3. Low of 57 tonight.

For Orlando Calling Music Festival

For a Beach Roadtrip

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crafty and Summery

I'm feeling crafty! After all these exams are over with and before the weekend trip to Tampa begins, I'm going all-out crafty! Joanns, here I come! Thank you Pinterest for giving me ohh so many recipes and craft ideas. Also, I NEED to finish decorating my apartment...I've been here for 6 months.

Weather: Wake up and freeze your tooshy off with a cool 58 degrees. Early afternoon will spark up to 79 then back down to 51 at night. Slight chance of rain, bring an umbrella! Low winds and some clouds. Good day to read/study by the fountain! 
 UCF!! You need more outside benches. Florida! You need more outside stuff in general. Too many places depend on you to sit in your car then sit in a building. Nature is too beautiful to not enjoy...when it's not 90 degrees and muggy obviously!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wowza! What a weekend!

Well, after a fabulous weekend in St Augustine with the family and a memorable "book club" with the girls, I'd say I'm all caught up on childhood movie classics, dancing and chit chatting... for atleast a week.

Well Halloween movies, it's been real. Time for Christmas movies!

An eventful weekend led me to quite a variety of outfits-- boots, scarves and coats one day then a sundress, SPF and a bathingsuit the next! Ohh Florida...

St Augustine Beach, could you be any more beautiful? I feel like I leave my heart and soul behind everytime I leave. Good thing I'll be back in two weeks for a charity event at the British Pub where Nonchalant will be playing!! Nov 18th. Join me!

Weather: ay dios mio, the weather is fluctuating per normal in Orlando. High of 77 around noon with 15mph from the north. Yes ladies that means "no shave November" is a bust-- time to pull out the weed wacker. Low of 64 at night with mid humidity-- no coats or scarves necessary.

Recommendations: Light, summery clothes! Don't pack up those wintery or summery clothes just yet pals. Try something new... a new color? A new mix? Something you normally wouldn't pair up??

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Road Trip!!

This weather is too beautiful for it not to be enjoyed at it's fullest! Soo I'm off to St Augustine this weekend and bringing the perfect attire! And my fancy-schmancy camera of course!

***If you happen to be in the movie mood on this wonderful day, then you've picked a good day for it! Casper the Friendly Ghost, Mary Poppins, Hook, Beauty and the Beast, AND Aladdin are on ABC all day today. Holy cow, childhood overload.***
For Happy Hour with a coat.
Weather: Currently 68, windy and cloudy in Orlando but it's still a great day for a stroll in the park! It will be a low of 63 at happy hour this evening in St Augustine! Tomorrow will be sunny, low wind and high of 73.

Recommendations: Boots, scarves, coats, oh my! During the day, early fall attire is ok (dresses, skirts...) but definitely jeans at night! And please, NO UGGS. Unless you're an Eskimo lost in the sunshine state looking for your Igloo...


For walking around downtown St Augustine tomorrow

For going out to dinner tomorrow night!

Have a FABULOUS weekend all!!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Feels like fall!!

Finally, a day where it's socially acceptable to wear boots and scarfs! However, Uggs are still not okay.

Weather: currently 68. The weather channel says it's cloudy at UCF, but I beg to differ. It'll max out at 70 degrees around 1PM and drop down to 60 at 9PM.

Attire: Since the sun's almost always shining in Florida, that 70 degrees will feel like an inferno if you're wearing a coat. As for tonight, a coat will be necessary!

Dont forget about DIVA Invasion tonight at 8PM at the UCF Arena! Free for UCF students :)

...Too bad leaves dont change colors in Florida.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DIVA Invasion!! Oh me, oh my,

   So this afternoon I was studying by the US Air Force memoir area near Memory Mall and noticed a group of girls/gays having a very dramatic discussion (...weird). Naturally, my books were not as interesting as their conversation so I blatently easedropped... so blatent they asked me to join in.

   They were planning the DIVA Invasion at UCF--what is that, right??
Well, today I learned that it's an art show with a spin and drag queens are the center of attention.

**Fun fact! Steeling shoes/accessories are referred to as moshing and a "thing to do" for drags!

UCF Arena on Friday, November 4th 8PM
    • free = go! Bring friends and be entertained!
  • $7 for non-UCF students and $15 for general admission (not too shabby!)
  • "Provocative color schemes, stunning set designs, and captivating performances come together to make Diva Invasion the unique masterpiece that it is"
So check it out and click here for more information.

I hope you all enjoyed the fabulous weather today!
Weather like this puts me in the best and most inspiring mood!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Refreshing Evening Stroll

If you've had a day like mine, then you're going to need a nice stroll in the park this late afternoon. Clear your head, let out all that negativity, and breath in some positive vibes.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and Halloween. You are all more than welcome to post some fabulous pictures of your costumes or trick-or-treaters! Sadly, I did not see Casper the Friendly ghost on the tele this year :(

Weather: Currently 70 degrees and windy. In a few hours, it'll drop down to 65 degrees with mild cool wind gusts from the north.

Recommendations: A scarf, a peacoat (or casual blazer) and jeans. It's not cool enough outside for boots and I forbid any of my followers to wear Uggs unless it's below 60 (because that's considered "cold" in Florida). Yes, I am an anti-Ugg columnist.

Enjoy the evening/night! And since it's fall, any night is a good night for hot coco with marshmallows!