Saturday, November 5, 2011

Road Trip!!

This weather is too beautiful for it not to be enjoyed at it's fullest! Soo I'm off to St Augustine this weekend and bringing the perfect attire! And my fancy-schmancy camera of course!

***If you happen to be in the movie mood on this wonderful day, then you've picked a good day for it! Casper the Friendly Ghost, Mary Poppins, Hook, Beauty and the Beast, AND Aladdin are on ABC all day today. Holy cow, childhood overload.***
For Happy Hour with a coat.
Weather: Currently 68, windy and cloudy in Orlando but it's still a great day for a stroll in the park! It will be a low of 63 at happy hour this evening in St Augustine! Tomorrow will be sunny, low wind and high of 73.

Recommendations: Boots, scarves, coats, oh my! During the day, early fall attire is ok (dresses, skirts...) but definitely jeans at night! And please, NO UGGS. Unless you're an Eskimo lost in the sunshine state looking for your Igloo...


For walking around downtown St Augustine tomorrow

For going out to dinner tomorrow night!

Have a FABULOUS weekend all!!!!

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