Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Christmahanaqwanzika!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their winter break and had a fabulous christmahanaqwanzika!!!

Finally it has been below 70 degrees for more then 3 days in a row!! Woohoo! And being in Florida, I spent Christmas at the beach with family. Twas a white 'sandy' Christmas indeed!
Weather: high of 64, UV of 5, 6mph winds and dropping down to 46 tonight.
What to wear: Boots!!! (and not Uggs), scarves and coats!

"Cooler temps has brought sightings of chicks in boots" Thanks Mom.

Holy After-Christmas shopping deals! AE jeans are on SALE! Cotton On (at the Florida's new.. and amazing) has an additional 20% off all sale items-- I got a fedora for $4! DSW and Nordstrom Rack have some shweeeeet deals as well-- I got a purse/wristlet for $6 and it's real leather. Holy cow. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes, oh my 30-70% off.

Be sure to check out Cotton On. Great quality, prices for a college budget and wicked trendy and edgy!

Have a fabulous New Year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hope finals went well for all of my fellow Knights! Have a fabulous break. Don't overdose on sugar cookies at all those Christmas Parties!

My mothers book club dressed up as elves and made Santa take pictures at the local Retirement home. What a hoot! I apologize for the crooked and blurry photo. Silly me forgot my USB for my camera soo this is the best it can get at the moment!

Enjoy your break! The weather in Sarasota (my parent's local home) happens to be around 80 degrees every dang day. How can I take a picture with Santa in shorts? So not right. Winter, WHERE ARE YOU? Well fine, when the weather gods are ready to give me cool weather, I'll be prepared with my new boots :D

Super sales at Anne Taylor Loft and American Eagle. Check it out.

Live to Give, Love to Get.
Don't forget gifts for everyone-- homemade gifts are the best.

Relax and enjoy your time off from studying!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The most dreaded time of the year has arrived...Good luck to all my fellow Knights with finals! Eat well and be sure to get some air inbetween studying. A 15 minute break every hour is highly recommended!
And do some stretches too! You don't want to look like this when you're older, do yuhh?  ------------------------>>>>

This may be the one week where I give all of my followers some slack for dressing like a bum. Study mode is muchh more important that spending time finding the perfect outfit for the day. Why do you ask??
Because studying = good grades = high GPA = college degree = AWESOME job = $$$$$ = shopping! 

So pull out the sweats and bring it on textbooks!!!
Or if you happen to use your 15 minute hourly break to
change into something cute, this is what I recommend --->>>
Cute AND comfortable :)

Weather: warm!! (what the heck Florida?!) Currently 74
degrees, a bit humid, dropping down to high 60s tonight.

**I apologize in advance for not being
your frequent styleorologist this week!**

Good Luck on Finals!! :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Game Day!

Sunday = NFL. Being from MA, I'm a die-hard Patriots fan. They'll be dominating the Colts today at 1PM and I predict a final score of 38-13.

As for the weather, Florida your bipolar weather patterns couldn't be more extreme. The other night it dropped down to 45 degrees (the coldest since March). It's currently 77 degrees. The weather man is trying to tell me that it is cloudy outside and overall crappy...lies. 10-20mph and dropping down to a warm 62 degrees.

I'll be working at American Eagle this afternoon at Mall of Millenia. Come on in and fill up on sweaters because I swear, it will eventually get of these day... right?

With finals beginning tomorrow at UCF, today is a good day to prep for your exams, finish up that laundry and take a stroll through a park. You know as well as I do that you won't be getting much exercise this week! Besides hand cramps, eyeball strains, and an overload of studyguides which leads to headaches. Also, cook up a big meal tonight and save it as leftovers to munch on throughout the week!

If you won't be leaving your apartment this week, or the student union, don't forget to take some Vitamin D. Your GPA will thank you!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter Wonderland...psyc!

Well... as close to winter and wonderland as Central Florida can get!

Enjoy this fabulous weather as who knows how long it will last. I finally got a new case for my camera, therefore campus pictures will be starting soon. Good luck on finals to all my fellow Knights! Start studying this weekend so next week isn't too stressful.

Join me in a pact to be a frugal Christmas gift shopper! DIY ideas can be found on Pinterest along with many other awesome and crafty websites! With all the amazing sales and coupons available, a non-DIY gift can be frugal as well.

Weather: High 50s in the early morning. Mid day, it will be partly cloudy and high near 75. Winds 10-20mph. Low of 61 at night. No humidity.

Scarfs and boots oh my!!!
Email me if you have any awesome recommendations, pictures or shoutouts you'd like!