Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter Wonderland...psyc!

Well... as close to winter and wonderland as Central Florida can get!

Enjoy this fabulous weather as who knows how long it will last. I finally got a new case for my camera, therefore campus pictures will be starting soon. Good luck on finals to all my fellow Knights! Start studying this weekend so next week isn't too stressful.

Join me in a pact to be a frugal Christmas gift shopper! DIY ideas can be found on Pinterest along with many other awesome and crafty websites! With all the amazing sales and coupons available, a non-DIY gift can be frugal as well.

Weather: High 50s in the early morning. Mid day, it will be partly cloudy and high near 75. Winds 10-20mph. Low of 61 at night. No humidity.

Scarfs and boots oh my!!!
Email me if you have any awesome recommendations, pictures or shoutouts you'd like!

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