Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hope finals went well for all of my fellow Knights! Have a fabulous break. Don't overdose on sugar cookies at all those Christmas Parties!

My mothers book club dressed up as elves and made Santa take pictures at the local Retirement home. What a hoot! I apologize for the crooked and blurry photo. Silly me forgot my USB for my camera soo this is the best it can get at the moment!

Enjoy your break! The weather in Sarasota (my parent's local home) happens to be around 80 degrees every dang day. How can I take a picture with Santa in shorts? So not right. Winter, WHERE ARE YOU? Well fine, when the weather gods are ready to give me cool weather, I'll be prepared with my new boots :D

Super sales at Anne Taylor Loft and American Eagle. Check it out.

Live to Give, Love to Get.
Don't forget gifts for everyone-- homemade gifts are the best.

Relax and enjoy your time off from studying!

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