Saturday, January 21, 2012

Color Blocking!!

My all time favorite fashion trend-- color blocking. Mustard yellow with navy blue. Watermelon pink with navy. Royal blue with mustard yellow. Turqoise and hot pink. Or all semi combined. Colorful jeans- skinnies or jeggins- with a blazer and a knit cap are my go-to outfits lately.

Weather this weekend: Looking like tanning weather near UCF. Low UV rays but the nice wind chill makes the high 70s temps very bearable.

Recommendations: blazers, knit hats, colored jeans. Spring colors are in but I personally think those can wait another month.

AE, Forever21 and Macy's have fabulous selections of colorful jeans at reasonable prices :)

Have a great weekend fellow Knights!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Week One Down! Bring on the weekend.

It's official, spring semester has begun! The weather is feeling fabulous today. If you happened to be slacking all week, like me, then today is the perfect day to catch-up on lectures, get ahead on hw assignments or get all your books/notebooks organized.

I'm on the lookout for a beret and a knit hat, if you have any recommendations on where to get them from, hit me up.

Weather: clear skies, sunny, high of 60 degrees but feels like mid/high 60s in the sun.

Recommendations: Jeans! Flats, boots are necessary.. long sleeve or knit sweater top. Nothing too heavy or dark. It's spring time, so bring on the color blocking!! :)

The semi-annual sales are still going on at most retail stores, hence why they probably look so bare. Get on it and help them clear out their clearance sections while stocking up your closet!

Have a fabulous weekend! Party hard, drive safe!

And don't forget to pick up your Safe Ride at UCF's SGA office-- free taxi rides!!! And free drunk buses. Thanks UCF SGA :)

Your Styleorologist.