Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Fun Day

So it may only be a high of 73 today with weak UV rays but it's still a beautiful day out and meant for all to enjoy.

Weather & Recommendations: the peak of the day will be around 2 and dropping down to 66 tonight. Quite windy so I recommend a thin long sleeve top.

My outfit: $7 top from Forever21, $20 skirt and belt also from Forever, purse from Nordstrom Rack, shoes from Payless! A new haircut as well to keep things exciting :)

I'm hoping to find some film festivals or local music entertainment in East Orlando as a nice alternative for going out or spending money!

Be frugile my friends!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Spirit Splash!!

Woohooo!!! Homecoming week at UCF has some amazing traditions including todays Spirit Splash where all Knights are allowed to charge into the reflection pond whereas year-round we can't! So throw on the bathingsuit and charge!!!!

SS is at 12PM. Be there or be square. Tomorrow is the football game versus Memphis--hopefully you signed up for a student ticket!

Weather: Eek it's only 69 and quite crappy with clouds and mixed rain throughout the day. Obviously you're going to get wet at SS anyway so who cares! Bring a sweater or a towell to dry off after though!

Remember they start giving away free shirts and duckies around 11AM!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One of Those Days

Yes it's going to be one of those dreary days in the "sunshine state." If only it were 60 degrees out, then I could snuggle up with a snuggy and a hot coco and study all day. Darn!

Weather: Currently 70 degrees, overcast, low win, UV of 1. Around 2PM it'll heat up to 80 with 8mph winds from the east. Tonight, a low of 64 degrees.

Tonight is skit night for UCF homecoming! Doors open at 6PM at the UCF Arena and the event begins at 7PM. It's always quite entertaining and oh heyy it's FREE! Get a group together and go! Go early and enjoy all the free tshirts and stuff.

Recommendations: Bring an umbrella just in case a little rain cloud decides to come out and play today. You know me, I vote bright and vibrants colors on a dreary day. Maybe go check out a boutique or thrift shop today and find some sweet deals on accessories and winter jackets/sweaters.

Any recommendations on where I can get some non-prescription glasses?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

sorriso perché sei bella

*Smile because you're beautiful*

Perfect day for a picnic with a new friend or sitting in a tree reading a book with the circus kids on campus (they sit outside the breezeway near B&N.... pure entertainment).

Weather:High of 80 around 2PM. 10 mph breeze from the north. UV of 8 (woohoo!). Clear skies! Low of 65 tonight.

Recommendations: Fall colors in a summer setting to make you feel like it's actually October. Due to the warm weather, hot sun and cool breeze I suggest a thin casual blazer with a dress. With low rise booties, you have a bohemian-city look-- who knew it was possible!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend's Over :(

Ughh Mondays. Enough Said. The good news? This weather is phenomenal!

Well, I hope everybody had as wonderful of a weekend as I did! With my moms bday on Friday, I went home to a family of fun and partied it up all weekend long in Sarasota--beach days, pool days, dancing at Marina Jacks. Now it's back to reality with the beginning of a new week. More good news?? I GOT MY CANON G12! Woohoo! The wait is over for my much needed camera. This means I'll be posting pictures of UCF's own fashionistas! So be on the lookout fellow Knights for a gal with a cam!

Weather: 72 currently, high of 80 around 2PM. 10mph wind from the north (cool breeze). UV of only 5. Low humidity. Clear skies. Low of 60 tonight.

Recommendations: Jeans and a cardigan to bare the breeze but a light top so you can enjoy the heat from the bright sun. No umbrella needed!

Get off your butt and show this Monday whose boss-- gym, bike ride, read a new book by the refelction pond, apply for a job/internship?

Make an impact.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Excuse me, but where am I?

And what happened to Florida? Due to todays weather patterns, I can't really tell if I'm still in New England or if I'm actually in Florida.... it's 58 degrees out!!! Well, I'm also writing this at 8AM...but still!

Weather: Nippy! But beautiful!! :) I don't think the southerners are enjoying this fall weather as much as us northerners are. To me, this weather is PERFECT-- a little nippy but the sun is shining bright enough to keep my skin warm. By 1PM it'll warm up to around 73 degrees with low wind from the west (warm breeze for Orlando) and partly cloudy skies. Tonight will drop down to 53 degrees with clear skies.

  • Bring a sweater whereever you go! One that can sustain wind if the wind gusts pick up, but won't give you trouble when the sun is poking through. It's one of those days when you're too hot with a sweater on or too cold without it... so make it a light sweater.
  • Today may not be a day for bright colors so lets enjoy those neutral fall colors--softtone burn orange, cranberry red, tree trunk brown, maybe a purple color? I like it!
  • An umbrella won't be necessary today.
  • Definitely a day to put down that razor and slip into your new favorite jeans!
  • Ohhh and a scarf. This isn't Chicago, so you won't be needing the polar bear scarfs, nor the frenchy-thin ones, but a scarf with mid thickness will do.
  • Give it a few more weeks Floridians until you pull out those Uggs and gloves (It's the low 70s, not 30s!!)
What to do on a day like today: If you're a student at UCF like me, then I suggest spending extra time outside today than "studying" in that lame library (either one).
  • Read a book by the fountain?
  • Enjoy a hot coffee in the breezeway outside of the bookstore?
  • Maybe go stare at the people in the freedom of speech mall (outside of the library, to the left near that random taco place).
    I have to work this afternoon but I'll be sure to keep the doors wide open so I can enjoy the refreshing breeze. Tonight I'll be going to Halloween Horror Nights with my boyfriend and a group of friends. Waiting in the lines may be a bust but atleast the crowds will heat up the place! :)

If you don't happen to be going to HHN tonight then it's a perfect night for star gazing--grab a blanket, some hot coco and a friend!

Make an impact. Don't forget to brighten up someones day today!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rainy Day

90% chance that a rainy day like today will keep me in my PJs all day. Fight that urge and look cute-- show the weather gods whose boss.

Weather: Rain this morning with temps in the mid 70s. Thunderstorms likely by evening. Rain will be heavy at times in some storms. High 78F. Winds SE at 10 to 20 mph. 1 to 2 inches of rain expected.

Recommendations: I believe they call them umbrellas nowadays. PJs are only recommended if you have a 10 page paper to write or a midterm to study for. If not, get on those rain boots, grab that umbrella, crop those jeans and fight the weather gods with a brightly colored shirt. Clearly, Sarah Jessica Parker isn't afraid of any rain.

My Life: The Halloween "book club" was a hit! The girls brought/made mummy dogs (pigs in a blanket that look like mummies), worm jello, cider, spider cookies (...Pillsbury), Sam Adams Octoberfest, sparkling wine (more like a soda with alc in it), and lots of candy. We brought back old memories by watching Halloween Town (yeah they still play it on Disney) and ate until we were all high on sugar. I apologize for not taking pictures of us stuffing our faces!!

Tonight is the wine tasting at First Crush in Ormond Beach from 5-8PM. I, of course, will be attending and making friends-- especially the ones who buy expensive wine and care to share.

Smile! It's contagious.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Blues

The dreadful Monday has arrived and the weather is in-sync perfectly-- dreary, muggy and dull.

      Tonight I'll be hosting my weekly "book club" where we talk about everything but books because it's more or less just an excuse to drink with my girl friends. The theme for last week was Mexican, so we drank Sangria (home-made!) and had MYO tacos. Tonight is Halloween themed-- costumes, candy, worm jello shots, Sam Adams Octoberfest, Halloween Cider, an iced pumpkin cooler, and spider cookies. [Thank you Pinterest for all the ideas].

Weather: 82 degrees feels like 86. 70% humidity (blehh), UV of 4 (not a good tanning day), cloudy and low wind gusts.

Recommendations: cropped jeans, bright colored shoes, a white tshirt and a big scarf with vibrant designs that the shoes match with. A simple but eloquent outfit where you'll stand out in a crowd but can wear just about anyway-- shopping, errands, work (depending on what you do...) or bummin' around the house and playing with your cat all day (your cat will notice the scarf, I swear!)

Don't forget: A smile is contagious.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ready for some Football???

Sunday Funday is not only a day to enjoy the weather but it is a day to enjoy watching the NFL with friends and family. Being from Massachusetts, I root for the Pats and yeahh they just happen to spectacular so I can't complain much.

I accidentally went shopping yesterday and got some SUPER deals at DSW for cheeta print heels, blue Steve Madden flats and an adorable blue clutch-- that's preorganized for coupons, receipt and notes!! yes it's meant to be, I thought so too. All for $50 due to their amazing sale section, a coupon, and the cash back returning a blazer (that wasn't as fabulous as I thought) to H&M.

Shopping Tips:
  • $10 off jeans at AE and 20% off when bringing in an old pair of AE jeans!
  • has new "deals of the day" everyday! It's an online boutique with gorgeous shoes for every occasion and at reasonable prices. Free shipping over $50, $5 off in email.
Weather for today:
     High of 85, low humidity, winds 10-20 mph from the East (cool breeze) and 100% chance of sunshine! Low of 69 tonight.

     Fashionable sports fan attire! Represent the team you love with a jersey, matching colored accessories, jean shorts and boots or flats. Since the Pats are red, blue and white, I'll be wearing my multi colored jersey, blue flats and a red watch! (I'm basically Miss America today).

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

Walk outside and take in that refreshing and crisp air. It finally feels like Fall! woohoo!
Today is a day to spend outside: take your dog for a long walk, go biking to a park with friends, read a book on a bench, etc.

Weather: Currently 70 degrees, low humidity, 8mph, high of 81 this afternoon.

Recommendations: Match a bright summery color with a fall color (turquoise and mustard orange? Burnt orange and bright purple?). Wear a light jacket and a mid length skirt. Now tuck in that skirt and wear a cute brown belt to separate those contrasting colors.  Today is the perfect day for a scarf!! Lately, I've been obsessed with watches so that is obviously a necessity too. If you have any jewelry that matches the bright color of the day, wear them; it'll accent your outfit perfectly.

Smile! (Pass it on.)

Check out if you are need of some fabulous shoes. There's a great selection at this online boutique!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday, Friday!

The term "thank god it's Friday" is in FULL effect on this wonderful day. Midterms are over woohoo! Time to celebrate :)

Weather: The morning will be in the mid-low 70s (bike ride?) but the day will be at around 85. It's been super muggy lately so I predict the same for tomorrow.

Recommendations: Hmm.. what would Blake Lively wear on this kind of day?

A few bold stripes, light weight, pink and navy, and a dog as an accessory, I dig that.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Q: Define Bipolar

A: When Florida is perfectly sunny with clear skies one day and shitty with a splash of rain the next.

Weather: T-storms in the afternoon. High 86. Muggy. Cloudy. Not a day for jeans.

Recommendations: An umbrella! Lightweight clothing so the humidity doesn't suffocate you and a flowy dress to go with the breeze. Today may not be a day for a blazer or bright colors, but hey, who says you can't be fashionable during a **hurricane?

**no hurricane today, just sarcasm.

:D SMILE! (pass it on...)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Day to Shine!

Weather: Sunshine! High 88 with mixed clouds. 5-10mph winds. Low of 68 at night.

Could you ask for weather any more perfect?

  • Morning: For good vibes, start your day off with a walk or bike ride while the temp is still cool.
  • Daytime: Make yourself stand out today and be as bright and vibrant as the sun. Try something about..
    • A pink half-blazer, white tank top and a striped navy skirt?
    • A bright yellow dress with red heels and red lipstick?
    • A tan blazer, white tank tucked into a high wasted red skirt with a red necklace?
    • All of the above!
  • Evening: Get yourself all dazzled up tonight with pearls, a navy dress, a pair of new heels, and a full glass of wine (or 3). And please enjoy that refreshing breeze and powerful full moon with a motivating friend-- they're the best kind.

Keep that Karma flowing with a smile and positive energy :)
Today is going to be a good day!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Goodbye rain, hello sunshine

"Rain rain go away." It seems it has worked!
Weather: High 88, 5-10mph, 30% chance of rain.

Recommendations: bright colors to embrace Florida's mood change!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Day in the Office

Good morning Monday! Today I'm going to pretend that I have an awesome office job in NYC...

Weather in Orlando: A few showers in the morning with scattered t-storms in the late afternoon. Humid. High 87.

Recommendations: Bring an umbrella! Wear cute boots and a scarf because it's fall :) A blazer over a loose blouse will keep you dry, cool and fashionable. The briefcase-purse is a must to carry around your business laptop [or your college textbooks...]

Check out Polyvore to design outfits like the one above. Have a good week!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rainy Day on the East Coast

This weekend I'll be on the East Coast of Florida where the weather is just as bad as Orlando today.

Weather: The ultamate side-ways rain due to dark rain clouds and 20-30mph gusts.

If you happen to be getting out of your PJs today then here is what I recommend:

Some bright colors for a dreary day. I recommend wearing sliders under that flowy skirt though.. we don't want to pull a Janis! Rain boots, a must!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

rainy day aka shopping day

rainy day aka shopping day

J Crew herringbone blazer
$200 -

Forever21 super skinny jeans
$30 -

Knee high boots
$34 -

Mango messenger handbag
£23 -

Timex watch
$45 -

Pieces green scarve
€17 -


Today the Knights will be taking on Marshall for an 8PM game at Bright House Stadium. 
Come early and tailgate but don't forget, today's game is a PINK OUT for breast cancer awareness month and Susan G Komen. So wear your black and gold with a touch of pink.

Weather: Horrible! High of 81, 70% precipitation, 20-30mph winds and a high chance of rain and t-storms. Bring an umbrella, wear those rain boots AND bring a change of clothes cz this is going to be a wet one!


PS check out this link to read the full article on Susan G Komen.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Thank Goodness It's Friday!!

Weather: high 85, scattered rain clouds. Aka it'll probably sprinkle a little so you won't really need an umbrella. Low of 71 tonight with possible thunder.

My itinerary: I'll be working, shopping, going out to dinner in Avalon Park then a movie on the lawn in front of the UCF Arena.

Perfect for the fancy Avalon Park :) With a blanket to lay on, it's good for a movie on the lawn too! Not too heavy nor to dark.

UCF will be playing Rocky Horror Halloween films in front of the UCF Arena at 9PM :) Free popcorn and free entry for all! Bring a blanket or pull up a chair. See you there!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Applying for a job and dressing appropriately for the weather

Currently: 75 degrees, sunny and low wind.
In a few hours: variable clouds with scattered showers. Winds at 10 to 20 mph.

Tips: Bring an umbrella and a light cardigan and do not wear a flowy dress unless you want to pull a Janis.

Thanks to Florida's bipolar weather patterns, today is going to be "one of those days." Personally, I will be applying for a job, going to class, studying then going to the gym. So what do I wear to fulfill all those needs?

The job I am applying for is at a boutique (no pressure, right?). So here is how I will impress them:
Of course, an umbrella will be stowed away in my purse. I have oxfords to replace the plain flats. This is a light outfit that won't make me break a sweat on campus and is flowy enough to "go with the wind." In another bag, I'll bring gym clothes because there is noo way boutiques and Nike go together.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Since we're basically the characters from Sex & the City

Ceviche is amazing btw. I recommend their Sangria!

What to wear if you live at 55 West in downtown Orlando

If you want to live at the luxurious 55West in downtown Orlando:

Fancy lunch downtown

So I'm planning my outfit for a lunch date with my girls today in the beautiful area of downtown Orlando. Yes downtown operates during the day, not just at night-- shocking, I know! Last time I went with my friend Chelsea and we got all dazzled up (in wedges!) and had a blast. September in Florida is hot and humid so this is what I wore:
Tomorrow is going to be less humid than before and high 70s to low 80s so I plan on wearing something like this:
It's elegant and dressy but light and airy. The boots make and cardigan make this outfit more acceptable for the Fall season. Since it'll be during the middle of day in the city, the sun will be keeping me toasty if/when a cool breeze comes through the alley ways. The belt puts the outfit together perfectly!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Going out tonight?

Currently: 80 degrees with winds of 10mph
In a few hours it'll drop down to the low 70s so bring a sweater or loose cardigan wherever you go! Clear skies and no site of rain clouds-- no umbrella needed!

Don't be deceived by the cool weather in the morning!

The morning started out at 62 degrees and by mid-day it was 85 on campus. The jeans are light so I stay warm but not too warm. The loose top from Boutique22 is nice and airy with plenty of movement. The oxfords, fedora, red side purse and red watch are fun accessories for any weather! No need for a sweater or umbrella today!