Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Day to Shine!

Weather: Sunshine! High 88 with mixed clouds. 5-10mph winds. Low of 68 at night.

Could you ask for weather any more perfect?

  • Morning: For good vibes, start your day off with a walk or bike ride while the temp is still cool.
  • Daytime: Make yourself stand out today and be as bright and vibrant as the sun. Try something about..
    • A pink half-blazer, white tank top and a striped navy skirt?
    • A bright yellow dress with red heels and red lipstick?
    • A tan blazer, white tank tucked into a high wasted red skirt with a red necklace?
    • All of the above!
  • Evening: Get yourself all dazzled up tonight with pearls, a navy dress, a pair of new heels, and a full glass of wine (or 3). And please enjoy that refreshing breeze and powerful full moon with a motivating friend-- they're the best kind.

Keep that Karma flowing with a smile and positive energy :)
Today is going to be a good day!

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