Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend's Over :(

Ughh Mondays. Enough Said. The good news? This weather is phenomenal!

Well, I hope everybody had as wonderful of a weekend as I did! With my moms bday on Friday, I went home to a family of fun and partied it up all weekend long in Sarasota--beach days, pool days, dancing at Marina Jacks. Now it's back to reality with the beginning of a new week. More good news?? I GOT MY CANON G12! Woohoo! The wait is over for my much needed camera. This means I'll be posting pictures of UCF's own fashionistas! So be on the lookout fellow Knights for a gal with a cam!

Weather: 72 currently, high of 80 around 2PM. 10mph wind from the north (cool breeze). UV of only 5. Low humidity. Clear skies. Low of 60 tonight.

Recommendations: Jeans and a cardigan to bare the breeze but a light top so you can enjoy the heat from the bright sun. No umbrella needed!

Get off your butt and show this Monday whose boss-- gym, bike ride, read a new book by the refelction pond, apply for a job/internship?

Make an impact.

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