Thursday, October 20, 2011

Excuse me, but where am I?

And what happened to Florida? Due to todays weather patterns, I can't really tell if I'm still in New England or if I'm actually in Florida.... it's 58 degrees out!!! Well, I'm also writing this at 8AM...but still!

Weather: Nippy! But beautiful!! :) I don't think the southerners are enjoying this fall weather as much as us northerners are. To me, this weather is PERFECT-- a little nippy but the sun is shining bright enough to keep my skin warm. By 1PM it'll warm up to around 73 degrees with low wind from the west (warm breeze for Orlando) and partly cloudy skies. Tonight will drop down to 53 degrees with clear skies.

  • Bring a sweater whereever you go! One that can sustain wind if the wind gusts pick up, but won't give you trouble when the sun is poking through. It's one of those days when you're too hot with a sweater on or too cold without it... so make it a light sweater.
  • Today may not be a day for bright colors so lets enjoy those neutral fall colors--softtone burn orange, cranberry red, tree trunk brown, maybe a purple color? I like it!
  • An umbrella won't be necessary today.
  • Definitely a day to put down that razor and slip into your new favorite jeans!
  • Ohhh and a scarf. This isn't Chicago, so you won't be needing the polar bear scarfs, nor the frenchy-thin ones, but a scarf with mid thickness will do.
  • Give it a few more weeks Floridians until you pull out those Uggs and gloves (It's the low 70s, not 30s!!)
What to do on a day like today: If you're a student at UCF like me, then I suggest spending extra time outside today than "studying" in that lame library (either one).
  • Read a book by the fountain?
  • Enjoy a hot coffee in the breezeway outside of the bookstore?
  • Maybe go stare at the people in the freedom of speech mall (outside of the library, to the left near that random taco place).
    I have to work this afternoon but I'll be sure to keep the doors wide open so I can enjoy the refreshing breeze. Tonight I'll be going to Halloween Horror Nights with my boyfriend and a group of friends. Waiting in the lines may be a bust but atleast the crowds will heat up the place! :)

If you don't happen to be going to HHN tonight then it's a perfect night for star gazing--grab a blanket, some hot coco and a friend!

Make an impact. Don't forget to brighten up someones day today!

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