Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winter? Is that you??

Oh my was it a chilly one yesterday!! With clear skies and a bright sun, what a beautiful day in Florida! :)

Today will be about 10 degrees less throughout the day but just as beautiful. Time to pull out the boots! I recommend NOT stuffing away the summery clothes just yet though, who knows what kind of trick Florida is playing on us this time.

Weather: high 50s in the AM, high of 66 around 3pm, dropping down to 45 at night!! Sunny with mainly clear skies. Low winds. Low UV. No rain :)

It'll be a good night for hot cocoa and star gazing!

As you can tell, I love neutral colors and the "natural" look. As my friend Zoey put it, who works at G by Guess, she's very Black and White and I, who works at American Eagle, am very neutral with browns. So there, that's my style. I hope you like it!

For all you fellow Knights, check out Natura! It's a coffee, tea and hookah lounge across from UCF (next to CB&S.. the first one). A very hipster theme, wicked chill, improv comedy and local bands every night. Boba teas and beer as well!

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