Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wowza! What a weekend!

Well, after a fabulous weekend in St Augustine with the family and a memorable "book club" with the girls, I'd say I'm all caught up on childhood movie classics, dancing and chit chatting... for atleast a week.

Well Halloween movies, it's been real. Time for Christmas movies!

An eventful weekend led me to quite a variety of outfits-- boots, scarves and coats one day then a sundress, SPF and a bathingsuit the next! Ohh Florida...

St Augustine Beach, could you be any more beautiful? I feel like I leave my heart and soul behind everytime I leave. Good thing I'll be back in two weeks for a charity event at the British Pub where Nonchalant will be playing!! Nov 18th. Join me!

Weather: ay dios mio, the weather is fluctuating per normal in Orlando. High of 77 around noon with 15mph from the north. Yes ladies that means "no shave November" is a bust-- time to pull out the weed wacker. Low of 64 at night with mid humidity-- no coats or scarves necessary.

Recommendations: Light, summery clothes! Don't pack up those wintery or summery clothes just yet pals. Try something new... a new color? A new mix? Something you normally wouldn't pair up??

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