Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crafty and Summery

I'm feeling crafty! After all these exams are over with and before the weekend trip to Tampa begins, I'm going all-out crafty! Joanns, here I come! Thank you Pinterest for giving me ohh so many recipes and craft ideas. Also, I NEED to finish decorating my apartment...I've been here for 6 months.

Weather: Wake up and freeze your tooshy off with a cool 58 degrees. Early afternoon will spark up to 79 then back down to 51 at night. Slight chance of rain, bring an umbrella! Low winds and some clouds. Good day to read/study by the fountain! 
 UCF!! You need more outside benches. Florida! You need more outside stuff in general. Too many places depend on you to sit in your car then sit in a building. Nature is too beautiful to not enjoy...when it's not 90 degrees and muggy obviously!

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