Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DIVA Invasion!! Oh me, oh my,

   So this afternoon I was studying by the US Air Force memoir area near Memory Mall and noticed a group of girls/gays having a very dramatic discussion (...weird). Naturally, my books were not as interesting as their conversation so I blatently easedropped... so blatent they asked me to join in.

   They were planning the DIVA Invasion at UCF--what is that, right??
Well, today I learned that it's an art show with a spin and drag queens are the center of attention.

**Fun fact! Steeling shoes/accessories are referred to as moshing and a "thing to do" for drags!

UCF Arena on Friday, November 4th 8PM
    • free = go! Bring friends and be entertained!
  • $7 for non-UCF students and $15 for general admission (not too shabby!)
  • "Provocative color schemes, stunning set designs, and captivating performances come together to make Diva Invasion the unique masterpiece that it is"
So check it out and click here for more information.

I hope you all enjoyed the fabulous weather today!
Weather like this puts me in the best and most inspiring mood!


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