Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Some catching up to do

So it seems I have a few months of catching up to do in this fine blogging world....

Last I posted I mentioned two fashion events in Orlando. So today I'll catch up all my readers on local events from the summer and coming soon to Orlando.

I went home to Cape Cod, MA (near Boston but with more sand) for the entire summer and got to see all of my family and amazing friends. Oh what a wonderful and relaxing summer it was!! The Cape is known for its preppy//polo style and the summery beachy look, as well.

Victoria's Secret PINK store opened at Mall of Millenia. Oh! What a great success that was. Thankfully, I work at American Eagle right below the PINK store so I got to see everything!!! Even the beautiful VS model, Elsa Hosk.

Coming soon to Orlando area:

Park Ave Fashion Week
October 14th-20th
This will be a week long of fashion events incorporating local artists and boutigues. Be sure to get your tickets ahead of time. For students, it's $50 for entry into the events all week long AND the fashion show!!! 
For more information and tickets, click here!

Today's actual report:
Beautiful sunny day though I'm sure it'll downpour later in the day. I'm going out to lunch with my best friend in downtown Orlando to a wonderful Spanish tapas bar and restaurant called Ceviche. It blows my mind how so much flavor is held in such small portions! 
**training my taste buds for when I move to Barcelona in January!!!**

This white lace dress have quite a high//awkward seam but with a long and bold necklace with some tone flats and jewelry, I should be able to make this school-girl dress look eloquent, yet casual for my lovely lunch date:)

Have a fabulous day!


Btw! If you fell out of your workout and healthy diet routine over the summer like I did, be sure to check out Karina and Katrina's Tone It Up site<<<<they're the best and wicked supportive!!!

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